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COVID-19 Notice

We are open for regular operations at Stan Siwik Pool and Henderson Pool

Fritz Sick Pool and Nicholas Sheran Pool are closed until further notice

Please call Stan Siwik at 403-320-3054 or Henderson Pool at 403-320-3056

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We feel their greatest strength is in the exceptional customer service that they provided not only to the public, but also to our municipal staff.

- Kelly Swift, General Manager, Community Development, Ridge Meadows Parks & Leisure Services

Welcome to Recreation Excellence, a company that believes in and is able to deliver high level, cost effective, recreation services. We believe that the provision of these services is an essential component in the development of healthy and happy communities. Our sole purpose as a company is to assist our clients in the delivery of these services.

Spearheaded by ownership and senior management staff with proven track records and decades of experience, our team is ready and able to assist you and your community in creatively meeting your needs. Our strengths include unparalleled understanding of municipal service mandates, outstanding customer service, comprehensive knowledge in the delivery of synergetic full service facility operations, and the ability to build and sustain cohesive, selfless workforces that exceed our customers' expectations.

For us...it's all about you! Many of our competitors claim to be the biggest or fastest-growing entities in our industry. The only desire at Recreation Excellence is to be "the best" service provider partner for the clients we choose to serve!

If you are not sure how to get more from your current operations, Recreation Excellence can guide you through this process and create custom service offerings that suit your specific needs. Helping clients get the best bang for their buck is what we do.

Recreation Excellence has been helping municipalities and local governments better serve their communities since 1999.

At Recreation Excellence Our Mandate is Your Mandate.


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